Ultrasonic Toothbrush

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This Ultrasonic Toothbrush will clean your teeth in 10 seconds. And whiten them. As simple as that.

A recent study verified something most of us would never admit:
87% are not brushing their teeth as doctors recommend. 

But even the best toothbrush, used twice (or even three times) a day, will never remove all the bacteria, all the impurities. Every day, the harmful leftovers are damaging your teeth, your enamel, your gums.

✔Eventually, the teeth get discolored. Coffee, soda, red wine, cigarettes, even apples are speeding up the whole process.

✔Luckily, a solution appeared. Today is the day.

✔You waste 108 days of your life just on teeth brushing.

There are three modes: Clean. Massage. Whitening. Cleaning will take you only 10 seconds. And you do not need to do a thing. Simply wait. The bristles are vibrating more than 10.000 times per minute. You will feel the difference.

Our intention is to improve your tooth health. Take it on a vacation. You will not need to recharge it. The battery lasts up to one month.

Healthy teeth are the key to perfect health. Now you don’t have an excuse anymore.

How does it Work?

Our flexible easy-clean mouthpiece fits all adults. It is soft enough to avoid damaging the gums and strong enough to produce good results.

It's finally time to ditch your outdated toothbrush!

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